Foundation for Freedom TV Interview

The Foundation for Freedom serves the poverty stricken people around the world by supporting schools in Asia, the Americas and Africa. In this show Community Balance’s host, Suzanne Barnett interviews Dr. Sakti Das and Niall Battson about the Foundation and it’s work establishing schools in India, Latin America and Africa.”
– August 7, 2009 – Community Balance @ KMTV

PlayPumps Water System

HOW – “… kinetic energy generated from 25 children on the roundabout is used pump 1400 litres (370 gallons) of water per hour at an average 16 rpm, effective up to a¬†depth of 100m.”

WHY – “.. water collection is overwhelmingly undertaken by women and children, the time saved through the installation of a locally operational water supply will allow girls to attend school and women to concentrate on more productive activities.”

More information: WikipediaPBS Frontline